LLinell | Llinyn


Picture by Keith Morris

LLinell | Llinyn was a stite-specific performance which took place at the Eisteddfod 2019 in Llanrwst as part of a bigger event called AGORA directed by Marc Rees.

In this live performance Matteo with the dancers responded to the large site specific installation MIST commissioned by Migrations and created by the French architect Sébastien Preschoux, a woven unique, stunning and intricate large scale thread sculpture which responded to the environment of the stunning Ffin y Parc in Llanwrst. The dancers acted like observers and thanks to their movement interaction with the sculpture they were able to zoom in and out the sight of the audience and let them discover areas of the sculpture which they might have missed if it was not for the way the dancers physically related to it.

Choreographer : Matteo Marfoglia

Performers : Angharad Harrop, Angharad Jones

Harp : Helen Wyn Pari

Sound Artists : Alan Chamberlain, Ed Wright

Mist (installation)

Artist : Sébastian Preschoux

Curator : Karine Décourne, Migrations