068_©Sian_Trenberth_Photography_DA18-16 2.jpg

Picture by Sian Trenberth

PREMIERED IN JUNE 2018, WALES (UK)                                                                                                                                                                                  "WE ARE NEXT" WAS COMMISSIONED BY RUBICON DANCE FOR THEIR OUTLOOK 2018 PROGRAMME

“We Are Next” emerged from a question offered to the young generation on how to overcome a sense of disempowerment highlighted by recent world events. It is a platform that triggers a shift towards a collective positive new beginning.

Choreography and Concept: MATTEO MARFOGLIA

Dancers and Collaborators: RUBICON STUDENTS

Lighting designer: GRANT BARDEN  

Costume designer: MATTEO MARFOGLIA 

Costume Assistant: ESTHER KILBRIDE

Music: "The Mole" by HANS ZIMMER and "Thatch Snow" by ROSTAM